July 25, 2021 by Michael Kameo Foundation

2nd annual Bike4Mike and Run4Mike 2021

Michael Kameo Foundation Run4Mike and Bike4Mike

Michael Kameo brought happiness and joy to his family the day he came into this world. He was born on July 16th, 2018. Unfortunately, 20 months later, Michael passed away from a respiratory virus. What started as a tragedy slowly turned into a way to honor Michael’s life and memory through the power of giving. That’s how The Michael Kameo Foundation was born.

The Mission

The Michael Kameo Foundation’s mission is to spread joy and make a difference in families’ lives by providing to those in need during Purim. We, Keren and Mordi, also wish to keep our son Michaels’s name present in our great community.

Since Purim was the last holiday Michael Kameo shared with us, the foundation will always do its best to gift costumes and provide Matanot L’Evyonim (help those in need) through Mischloach Manot, and Seudahs (Purim baskets and meals).

Seeing the world through the eyes of a child helps us connect with Michael and capture what it means to live in the present moment and give from the heart.

There’s nothing more fulfilling than doing a mitzvah from the heart and with a smile, knowing it will make families and children happy all year round.

All funds will be collected throughout the year, through our annual events. Keeping the name Michael Kameo A’h always amongst us.

The event

One of our most special events is the annual Michael Kameo Foundation Run4Mike and Bike4Mike. We planned the event around what would have been Michael’s 3rd birthday, and on July 25th, 2021, in honor of his memory, we threw him the biggest, most exciting birthday party

It started with a 5K run with 40 participants and a 30K bike with 50 bikers. Everyone was pumped and ready to support the cause; all dressed up in their jerseys. The DSN beach club was the finish line, and everyone cheered all the participants as they came back from their long journey.

After the races were over, the event’s main focus was putting smiles on children’s faces: music, breakfast, games, bubbles, face painting, and blow-up rides. The energy was high, and smiles all around, all for Michael!

Everything was there for the children to enjoy as Michael would have. We sold merchandise and gave speeches, all to inspire and spread joy.

We hope to spread more joy this year during the holidays and can’t wait for our next event!