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Purim 2021

T This year Purim 2021 we accomplished so much! We didn’t think we would have gotten this far in just one year. Helping others during Purim was such a pleasure doing it in memory of Michael.

An event for Michael #ForMichael

He put smiles on many children’s faces, provided full stomachs for Seudat Purim and Shabbat and shared happiness to others by gifting gift baskets to many families.

  • 25 Runners
  • 30 Bikers

We're proud to have donated over 900 costumes!

We are proud to say that we donated over 900 children costumes this year! MKF provided 30 families for Seudat Purim/ Shabbat meals. We sent out Prepaid credit cards to 15 families to help with all their Purim needs. With your help, we accomplished the mitzvah of giving mishloach manot to 150 children. By collecting Matanot Levyonim through our website, we were able to collect about $12,000 to give to people in need.

Thank you to everyone who donated and helped to make this all possible.

– Keren Kameo

We worked with many organizations like C.A.R.E., Lev Ezra, Community Chesed Fund, Purim Megastore and SBH to make this all work out and give to as many children and families as we could. The connections we made were remarkable and can never be broken. It was amazing to work with all these organizations and hope to work with these amazing people again!

            Thank you to everyone who donated and helped to make this all possible. It was an unforgettable Purim this year, all for the aliyah of Michael M. Kameo A” H neshamah.


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